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Paul Manafort Guilty Plea Highlights Increased Enforcement of Foreign Agents Registration Act

The guilty plea former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort entered Friday marks a milestone in the Department of Justice’s efforts to enforce the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) more vigorously. In Count One of the government’s superseding criminal information, Manafort pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States in connection with his failure to register under FARA as an agent of the government of Ukraine; that country’s Party of Regions; former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych; and the Opposition Bloc, a successor to Yanukovych’s Party of Regions.

Federal Law Enforcement

Paul Manafort’s Virginia Trial: The Charges and the Stakes for Trump

The trial of Paul Manafort is scheduled to begin Tuesday in the Eastern District of Virginia, five months after Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted the former chairman of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign for banking and tax-fraud charges related to laundering more than $30 million worth of income. This is the first trial to arise from Mueller’s investigation, and the focus is on financial crimes, some tied to Manafort’s political work in Ukraine dating to 2006.

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My Mistakes: The Witness Tampering Case Against Manafort and the Inspector General Report

As part of the analysis we do on Lawfare, we often express our best professional judgment on an issue. I like to think that my judgment is pretty good and that a review of what I've said in the past tells the story of relative accuracy and thoughtfulness. But part of establishing credibility is acknowledging error—and the past couple of days have shown that I've not been that accurate on at least two occasions (at least two big enough to warrant acknowledgment like this). Here they are:

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Document: Superseding Indictment Against Paul Manafort and Konstantin Kilimnick

A grand jury has returned a superseding indictment against Paul Manafort and his colleague Konstantin Kilimnick. The indictment adds new counts to the previous charges against Manafort and indicts Kilimnick for the first time on charges of obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

The document is available here and in full below.

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