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Homeland Security

After Paris – The Renewed Importance of Homeland Security

Many in the world, myself included, sometimes wonder whether the discipline of homeland security actually coheres into a single area of expertise. After all, a successful homeland security leader in the United States must know something about immigration, border security, international information sharing, emergency response, and counter-terrorism investigations (plus other disciplines unnamed). That seems like almost a potpourri of expertise without any core linkages.

Islamic State

ISIS and the DMCA -- A Thought Experiment

As Bobby has reported, one of the fascinating outgrowths of the Paris attacks is the declaration of war on ISIS that came the other day from Anonymous. Bobby mused on the intelligence value of identifying terrorist-related social media accounts. He also, briefly, noted that many providers (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) have begun voluntarily taking down ISIS-related accounts.

Paris attacks

La France-des-Cavernes

The only photograph that hangs in my attic office is that of René Char, the poet and World War II Resistance fighter. Trying to find an appropriate expression of solidarity with the French people in the wake of the Paris attacks, it seemed right to look to Feuillets d'Hypnos, the wartime diary Char kept during his years of fighting in the Resistance and then edited and published after the war. The diary consists of short poems, aphorisms, epigrams, and brief accounts of Hypnos' (Char's nom-de-guerre) experiences; I've selected a handful that seemed to say something to this moment.

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