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The Israeli Supreme Court Debates Counterterrorism Home Demolitions

An interesting debate has developed recently among the justices of the Israeli Supreme Court over the legality of Israel’s use of home demolitions as a counterterrorism measure. This longstanding practice is highly controversial because it intentionally harms not only the person implicated in terrorist activity, but also family members and other residents who were not themselves involved in terrorism.


Insoluble Problems and Imperfect Solutions: the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Most days, Moshav Netiv HaAsarah is a tranquil oasis of snug bungalows and Mediterranean-style gardens. Sadly, however quaint the scene, it’s hard to ignore the 50-foot blast walls. Moshav Netiv HaAsarah sits a few hundred yards from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, on the front line of ten years of off-and-on asymmetric war.


Israeli Targeting Procedures and the Concept of Proportionality

Yesterday found me in Israel listening—not for the first time—to a briefing on Israel Defense Forces (IDF) targeting practices during Operation Protective Edge, the 2014 military operation against Hamas in Gaza. I can’t go into the details on the briefing, as it was not on the record, but for those interested in a detailed account of the subject, Section VI of this report from the Israeli Foreign Ministry covers some of the same ground.

Foreign Policy Essay

Why Israel Outlawed the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement

Editor’s Note: An increasingly important segment of Israel's Arab citizenry is tied to the Islamic Movement, a branch of which Israel banned in November. The decision was controversial: not only did it elicit protests among Israeli Arabs, but security officials also criticized it as a mistake. Lawrence Rubin of the Georgia Institute of Technology dissects this decision, describing the Islamic Movement in Israel and explaining the politics of the ban.

Why Israel’s Islamic Movement was Outlawed


How the ICC Could Alter the Security Council's Palestine Role

New Zealand, an elected member of the UN Security Council, attempted recently to prod the Council into action in the Middle East. As violence in East Jerusalem and the West Bank has spiked, the Council has remained on the sidelines. Frustrated by the body's marginalization, New Zealand's diplomats last month circulated a draft resolution calling on the parties to end all provocations, resume negotiations, and hold accountable all those responsible for violence.

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