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The Last Palestinian: An Interview with Grant Rumley and Amir Tibon

Mahmoud Abbas will be remembered as a transformative figure in Palestinian politics. He was a driving force in reaching the Oslo Accords and in standing up the Palestinian Authority, and has overseen the tumultuous 13 years since the death of Fatah founder and PLO chairman Yasser Arafat. Abbas has always lacked the notoriety of Arafat, and despite being president of the Palestinian Authority for more than a decade and a key figure in the peace process for decades more, there’s never been an English-language biography of the man until now.


Reflections on the Arab-Israeli Conflict

In mid-December, I had the pleasure of joining a distinguished group of national security law scholars on an Academic Exchange to Israel and the West Bank. There is much to learn from such a trip and I will leave for another time most of it (for example, the fascinating discussion of how Israel's military targeting rules have been refined by technology).


The Power of Dissent

The Supreme Court of Israel continues to restrain the Israeli government’s use of home demolitions for counterterrorism purposes. In two new decisions the Court annulled orders to demolish or seal the homes of perpetrators of recent terrorist attacks.


The Israeli Supreme Court Debates Counterterrorism Home Demolitions

An interesting debate has developed recently among the justices of the Israeli Supreme Court over the legality of Israel’s use of home demolitions as a counterterrorism measure. This longstanding practice is highly controversial because it intentionally harms not only the person implicated in terrorist activity, but also family members and other residents who were not themselves involved in terrorism.

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