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White House Counsel Responds to Inspector General Firings

Sen. Chuck Grassley on May 26 released a five-page response from White House counsel Pat Cipollone intended to explain President Trump's firing of inspectors general Michael Atkinson and Steve Linick. Cipollone’s letter states that Trump had lost confidence in the inspectors general for the intelligence community and the State Department, and that in the case of Linick he was following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recommendation to remove the inspector general from the position.

House Committee on Oversight and Reform

Documents: White House Overturned Security Clearance Denials, House Oversight Committee Says

Today the House Committee on Oversight and Reform released a memorandum detailing an interview held with Tricia Newbold, the adjudications manager in the non-partisan White House Personnel Security Office. Newbold, who is described in the document as a "whistleblower," told bipartisan committee staff that her office issued 25 denials of security clearances overturned by the White House.

L'Affaire Russe

Documents: House Request for Trump-Putin Meeting Information and White House Response

On March 4, the chairmen of the House committees on Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight and Reform sent a request to acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney for information regarding a Washington Post report that President Trump sought to conceal notes of interpreters and linguists following meetings with Russian Presi

Intelligence Oversight

A Path Forward for Post-Trump Reforms

The election of a Democratic House of Representatives begins the process of holding President Trump accountable and brings into focus how, in the years to come, Americans should think about repairing the damage he inflicted. To us, Trump’s abuse of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies—where we recently worked—has echoes of the era that culminated in President Nixon’s resignation. But the events of the years after Nixon resigned hold important lessons for the current moment, as well.

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