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The Orlando Shootings in Perspective: How the Recent Attacks Fit within the History of Anti-LGBT Violence

Editor's Note: ​Discussion of the Orlando killings has focused on the role of the Islamic State and the self-radicalization of so-called "Lone Wolves." The killings, however, also are an act of unspeakable violence against America's LGBT community. Events as horrific as the Orlando attack are thankfully rare, but violence against the LGBT community is not. D.C.-based analyst Marc Meyer offers an assessment of such violence and how it has changed over in recent years.​


Domestic Terrorism

Orlando Thoughts Towards a Better Taxonomy of Mass Violence

I have intentionally refrained from commenting on the Orlando shootings to date, because the situation seemed so fluid—save for the magnitude of the violence and horror that one man apparently committed—and I have been able to understand so little about it. I have been struck, however, by the range of people who have seen confirmation of their particular worldviews in this horrific event, some plausibly in my view, some not:

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