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Wolves and Wolf Packs

The horrible tragedy in Orlando is rightly focusing attention on the threat posed by lone wolf terrorists—that is, radicalized individuals or couples who carry out attacks like those in Boston, San Bernardino, and Orlando. Yet there is a greater threat to the national well-being from small groups of terrorists, we can call them wolf packs, that could bring much greater carnage. If America's Muslim community is scapegoated and ostracized, the wolf pack threat will grow.

Domestic Terrorism

Orlando Thoughts Towards a Better Taxonomy of Mass Violence

We just don’t know what to call an incident of mass murder by means of a gun in which motive is unclear or mixed but involves clear elements of bigotry, mental illness, and expressions of affiliation with a foreign terrorist group. And because we don’t know how to describe it, we also don’t know what aspects of it to prioritize in responding and preventing future such events. Can we develop a better set of naming conventions?


Orlando and the War on Terror

Some will say that ISIS overachieved here, or that Omar Mateen was more a deranged individual than an ISIS operative, or that recent battlefield progress by the United States and its partners against ISIS in Iraq and Syria will soon lead to the group’s demise. None of these arguments is compelling as a case for complacency. What Mateen did, even if it is the bloodiest single shooting spree in U.S. history, is entirely repeatable by well-trained individuals with access to weapons like the AR-15. 

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