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Feckless OPM

I expected to hear from OPM after the data breach because it directed at least two of my background checks for security clearances while I was in government. Many acquaintances received notices. But I got nothing. Then just before Christmas my wife received a letter from OPM informing her that her personal information, including Social Security number, had been stolen, and offering her the standard “comprehensive suite of data theft protection and monitoring services.” There was one catch, however.


The Human Cost of the Hack on OPM and Its National Security Impact

By now, everyone knows about the OPM hack and the fact that the private and sensitive information compromised may make employees of the U.S. government—especially those with security clearances—more subject to blackmail, bribery, or extortion and more vulnerable to more realistic phishing attacks. But there’s one more aspect that needs airing.

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