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Cybersecurity: Crime and Espionage

Disconcerting U.S. Cyber Deterrence Troubles Continue

 The U.S. government has once again decided not to impose sanctions on China or its companies for their massive public and private cyber thefts.  President Obama says that there "comes a point at which we consider [digital intrusions by China and others] a core national security threat."   One what extreme event or events will have to occur for us to reach that point.   


The Human Cost of the Hack on OPM and Its National Security Impact

By now, everyone knows about the OPM hack and the fact that the private and sensitive information compromised may make employees of the U.S. government—especially those with security clearances—more subject to blackmail, bribery, or extortion and more vulnerable to more realistic phishing attacks.  But there’s one more aspect that needs airing.

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