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Climate Change and Security

Nuclear Energy, Climate Change and Security Threats

In the middle of the last century, Dr. Murdock Head, a George Washington University professor, acquired an old manor house and farm known as Airlie outside the nation’s capital. Dr. Head wanted to create a place where experts and organizations could meet in a neutral environment to analyze the pressing issues of the day.


North Korea, Iran, and the Challenges of Dealing With Cyber-Capable Nuclear States

North Korea's successful missile launch last Sunday has further sharpened the world's focus on the country’s growing nuclear capabilities. But in remarks last month, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly commented that North Korea poses a more likely cyber threat than it does a nuclear concern.

Foreign Policy Essay

China Won’t Fix North Korea—Focus on These Four Areas Instead

Editor’s Note: North Korea is a problem that has vexed multiple administrations since the end of the Cold War. As the Pyongyang puzzle has grown more difficult to solve, policymakers increasingly look to China for help. Jacob Stokes and Alex Sullivan contend this is a mistake. They argue that China is not likely to abandon North Korea and that U.S. pressure might even backfire. Instead, they propose a mix of changes to current policy that offer more hope of coercing North Korea.


North Korea

North Korea’s Recent Ballistic Missile Launch: Another Foreign Policy Test for Donald Trump

President Donald Trump assessed the state of U.S. foreign affairs during his wide-ranging Thursday press conference: “I just want to let you know, I inherited a mess.” That evaluation appeared to rely, in part, on a quagmire that has dogged successive administrations—the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), or North Korea.

International Law

Marshall Islands’ Disarmament Cases Backfire

On October 5, the International Court of Justice dismissed the Marshall Islands’ nuclear nonproliferation litigation for lack of jurisdiction. The judgments subtly critiqued the island nation for its emotionally-driven media ploy, nearly void of legal merit. While the majority opinions read predictably, slim vote margins reveal a surprisingly close call.

Campaign 2016

The National Security Gap and the Myth of an ISIS-Busting Trump

A week ago, Ben posed the following question about what might be termed the national security gap:

How have we come to a place where at least partly in the name of national security, a huge swath of the electorate is about to vote for a man when a wide community of practitioners and scholars considers it obvious that his views, actions, words, and very psyche threaten national security?


The Lawfare Podcast: Russia's Nuclear Threats

While world powers and Iran were embroiled in last minute negotiations last week, Brookings hosted a panel discussion on the meaning of another power’s recent nuclear threats: Russia's. In recent months, Russia has rattled the saber, with Vladimir Putin remarking on his nuclear options during the Crimea crisis and making a mild threat to nuke the Danish navy. Given that Russia maintains enough nuclear muscle to destroy the world---theoretically anyway---how seriously should we take these provocations?


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