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Nuclear Diplomacy with North Korea and Iran: From Transformational to Transactional

Editor’s Note: Iran and North Korea have posed thorny problems for multiple U.S. administrations. The Trump administration, however, is trying a new tack, hoping to transform the regimes and eschewing intermediate steps. Robert Litwak of the Wilson Center calls for a more transactional approach, working incrementally to decrease the danger these rogue regimes pose rather than trying, and probably failing, to fundamentally transform them.

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Russia and Eastern Europe

Dispute Resolution Over Alleged Russian Breaches of the INF Treaty

President-elect Donald Trump spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin by phone last Monday, agreeing to improve the “unsatisfactory” relations between the two nuclear powers. “The overall tone of the conversation corresponded with the tone of statements already made during [Mr. Trump’s] election campaign concerning Russian-American relations,” noted a Kremlin spokesman.

Foreign Policy Essay

Understanding the Limits of Sanctions

Editor’s Note: Sanctions are increasingly America’s foreign policy instrument of first resort, promising success without the bloodshed that comes with military force. Iran’s willingness to cut a deal over its nuclear program is likely to make sanctions proponents even more confident. But Peter Feaver of Duke University and Eric Lorber of Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher argue that the United States risks relying too much on sanctions. They contend sanctions’ effects are difficult to predict and the targeting often goes awry.


The New UNSCR on Iran: Does it Bind the United States (and future Presidents)?

Colum Lynch and John Hudson have an article in Foreign Policy provocatively entitled “Obama Turns to U.N. to Outmaneuver Congress” in which they suggest that the new U.N. Security Council Resolution likely to be adopted next week will tie the hands of future Presidents and that the United States would violate the Resolution if Congress votes down the Iran nuclear deal.


For the U.S. and Iran, A Nuclear Accord Upends Old Assumptions

In a solemn speech on state television, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani described the achievement of a comprehensive accord between Tehran and six world powers on Iran's nuclear program as "an end and a beginning." Like so many other assertions about the deal, Rouhani’s platitude is only partially true.

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