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Section 230

Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Gonzalez v. Google and Twitter v. Taamneh: An Overview

Last month, the Supreme Court granted certiorari in two related cases exploring the interaction between anti-terrorism laws and Section 230. It remains to be seen whether the legislature or the Supreme Court will address Section 230 first, but this may be the prologue to a watershed moment for the internet and its users. 

The January 6 Project

Ninth Circuit Grants Jan. 6 Committee Access to Kelli Ward’s Phone Records

A panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-to-1 to deny former Arizona Republican State Senator Kelli Ward’s request for an injunction to block the release of her phone records to the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

data privacy

Appeals Court Rules Facebook Must Face Renewed Privacy Lawsuit

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on April 9 ruled that the Facebook users could pursue several wiretap and privacy claims against the company. The plaintiffs allege that Facebook tracked logged-out users’ internet activity by storing cookies on their browsers when they visited outside websites containing Facebook plug-ins and then sold personal profiles based on that data to advertisers.


Document: Ninth Circuit Stays Injunction of 'Remain in Mexico'

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled on Tuesday that the Trump administration can continue to enforce its "Remain in Mexico" policy for some Central American migrants while litigation over the policy proceeds, staying the lower court's injunction. The ruling is available here and below.

Travel Ban

Ninth Circuit Protects Refugees with Assurances of Sponsorship

The Ninth Circuit held in a per curiam order on Thursday (summarized here) that, pending a definitive adjudication on the merits, refugees abroad with sponsorship assurances from U.S. resettlement agencies were not covered by President Trump’s revised executive order (EO) on refugees and could enter the U.S. in the normal course of refugee resettlement.

Travel Ban

Refugee EO Stay: Ninth Circuit Dismisses Hawaii’s Appeal But Draws a Roadmap for Future Litigation

Acting quickly, the Ninth Circuit on Friday dismissed Hawaii’s appeal of Hawaii District Judge Derrick Watson’s denial of the state’s motion to clarify the Supreme Court’s stay regarding President Trump’s revised refugee Executive Order (EO).

travel ban

Six Possible Options for the Supreme Court’s Review of the Travel Ban

On Monday, the Supreme Court’s tumultuous 2016 term is scheduled to draw to an end. But will it? All of the briefing in the travel ban litigation has been filed, and the cases are ready for the Court’s ruling. There are (at least) six possible options for resolving this matter.

1. Hold a Special Session in July

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