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The South China Sea and China's "Four Sha" Claim: New Legal Theory, Same Bad Argument

The Washington Free Beacon reports that China may be backing away from its most controversial legal justification in the South China Sea: the “Nine-Dash Line.” Officials from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs advanced a new legal theory at a closed-door meeting with U.S.

South China Sea

U.S. Response to the South China Sea Arbitration and the Limits of the Diplomatic “Shamefare” Option

In a post last week, I argued that the recent UN Convention for the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) arbitral award against China opens the legal door to more aggressive U.S. freedom of navigation operations (FONOPs) to directly challenge Chinese artificial islands in the South China Sea. This week, I turn to another possible U.S. response to the arbitral award: diplomatic “shamefare.”

South China Sea

The Clash Between the Law of Sovereignty and the Law of the Sea in the South China Sea Dispute

As I explained in this legal primer, the South China Sea dispute has primarily revolved around two distinct legal quarrels: a dispute over territory and a dispute over the substance and application of maritime law.

Over at The National Interest, I’ve written an article parsing this distinction and what it means for the American approach to the South China Sea. I argue that

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