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Foreign Policy Essay

Foreign-Funded NGOs, Political Power, and Democratic Legitimacy

Editor’s Note: Ron Krebs and James Ron argued in their Foreign Policy Essay in May that countries should welcome foreign-funded NGOs and contended that in Israel in particular they do considerable good. ​Gerald Steinberg, who heads the Institute for NGO Research in Israel, begs to differ and offers a defense of Israel's restrictive policies regarding NGOs.


Foreign Policy Essay

Why Countries Should Welcome, Not Fear, Foreign Funding of NGOs

Editor’s Note: When foreigners give money to political organizations, both the donor and the recipient often become suspect. Governments around the world that fear criticism, oppose human rights, or otherwise reject the agendas of these groups are increasingly trying to ban foreign backing of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Ron Krebs and James Ron of the University of Minnesota argue that such bans are a mistake. They contend that foreign funding of NGOs should be encouraged in parts of the world where domestic support for such groups is lacking.


Egypt Is Cracking Down on NGOs When It Needs Them Most

Egypt has never been a welcoming place for civil society groups, but the past several years have seen an unrelenting crackdown on non-governmental organizations. It began with the infamous December 2011 raids on foreign democracy-building organizations and has endured through successive regimes. And yesterday, Egypt once again upped the ante.


The Egyptian NGO Law Locking up Americans and Closing Down a Once-Vibrant Civil Society

An Egyptian-American has been in pretrial detention in Egypt for more than 900 days—for helping street children. What is strange about Aya Hijazi's case is that she meets none of the obvious criteria for the typical victims of the Egyptian government’s crackdown on its own civil society.


Understanding China’s Foreign NGO Activities Law

Western and Chinese officials have battled over the meaning of China’s new Law on Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations’ Activities within Mainland China (NGO law) since it was recently approved by the National People’s Congress (NPC). Outside of China, many have argued that the law is designed to further restrict Chinese civil society.

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