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A Moment of Zen: The New York Times Editorial Page Cites Lawfare as an Authority

Since the New York Times editorial page has apparently now decided that I have impeccable judgment on matters of law and national security, I have a bunch of other Lawfare posts for the editorial page staff there to read: my many posts on factual errors in the Times editorial page's Guantanamo coverage.

Terrorism Trials: Military Commissions

Military Commissions After Al-Bahlul

I take issue with two recent critiques of the Guantanamo military commissions, both arising from a D.C. Circuit panel’s reversal, earlier this month, of the conviction by military commission of Ali al-Bahlul (an al Qaeda jihadist and detainee who had served in bin Laden’s inner circle) for conspiracy to commit war crimes.  The first is a sneering New York Times editorial, published on June 18; the second consists of remarks made last week, on the Lawfare Podcast.  

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