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Is the War Model of Counterterrorism a Failure? A Response to Micah Zenko

In a scathing New York Times op-ed today, Micah Zenko lays into the Trump administration both for maintaining the “counterproductive” and “immoral” counterterrorism policies of its predecessors (particularly those involving the use of military force), and for making the situation worse for noncombatants.


The Iranian Missile Launch and the Gray Lady's Confusion

Last week, the New York Times ran a story under the alarming headline, “Iran Tests Long-Range Missile, Possibly Violating Nuclear Accord.” The article references the testing of Iran’s new Emad long-range ballistic missile system, and explains that “The missile launch may have violated the terms of the agreement, reached in Vienna with six world powers” because “[a]ccording to some readings of the deal, it placed restrictions on Iran’s ambitious

Secrecy: FOIA

SDNY Grants Partial Summary Judgment in NYT/DOJ FOIA Suit Related to CIA Interrogation Program

On Wednesday, SDNY Judge J. Paul Oetken ruled on the New York Times’ and DOJ’s cross-motions for summary judgment in a FOIA suit seeking documents related to federal prosecutor John Durham’s 2008 to 2012 investigation of the CIA’s detainee interrogation program.

DOD Law of War Manual

The New York Times Is Confused About the Law of War Manual

The New York Times earlier called on the Pentagon to “repeal[]” “guidelines on the treatment of journalists covering armed conflicts that would make their work more dangerous, cumbersome and subject to censorship.” The editorial board here referred to three aspects of the Department of Defense's nearly-1200 page Law of War Manual.

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