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Is Limiting the Gaza Fishing Zone Collective Punishment?

Escalations in the armed conflict between Israel, Hamas and other armed groups in the Gaza Strip tend to follow a familiar pattern. Often, following the shooting of rockets or the launching of incendiary balloons from Gaza to Israel, the Israeli government will constrain the space available for fishing next to Gaza’s shores. When matters become calmer, the fishing zone is extended.

South China Sea

The Clash Between the Law of Sovereignty and the Law of the Sea in the South China Sea Dispute

As I explained in this legal primer, the South China Sea dispute has primarily revolved around two distinct legal quarrels: a dispute over territory and a dispute over the substance and application of maritime law.

Over at The National Interest, I’ve written an article parsing this distinction and what it means for the American approach to the South China Sea. I argue that

South China Sea

Dispute in the South China Sea: A Legal Primer

Although the United States will often urge the claimants to resolve the South China Sea dispute in accordance with “international law” writ broadly, the conflict is governed in reality by a number of different bodies of international law. Building on the historical backgrounder in an earlier post, I will lay out here the two primary legal quarrels at the core of the South China Sea conflict: the dispute over territory and the dispute over the substance and application of maritime law.

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