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Hacking, Fate-Sharing and Going Dark

It is with deliberate contempt that I describe vendors of “lawful” interception malcode such as Hacking Team, FinFisher, and NSO group as ascribing to the “Wehrner von Braun School of Rocketry”. They state that selling exclusively to governments frees them from responsibility as to how the tools are misused, on the assumption that all state use abides by the laws of the jurisdiction.


Ending The Endless Crypto Debate: Three Things We Should Be Arguing About Instead of Encryption Backdoors

Recently I participated in a fascinating conference at Georgia Tech entitled “Surveillance, Privacy, and Data Across Borders: Trans-Atlantic Perspectives.” A range of experts grappled with the international aspects of an increasingly pressing question: how can we ensure that law enforcement is able to obtain enough information to do its job in the twenty-first century, while also ensuring that digital security and human rights are protected?

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