Law of Armed Conflict

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Law of Armed Conflict

Better Safe Than Sorry: Transferring Detainees Safely to Coalition Partners

Transferring detainees from one coalition partner to another is a common feature in many conflicts today. In some situations, detainee transfers bear the risk of sending detainees into the hands of authorities that might not respect fundamental humanitarian norms. Such situations raise acute legal and policy questions.

Law of Armed Conflict

The Sixth Annual Transatlantic Workshop on International Law and Armed Conflict: A Joint Blog Post Series

The 2018 Transatlantic Workshop on International Law and Armed Conflict brought together participants from diverse professional backgrounds including the military, academia, government and NGOs to address the challenges facing international humanitarian law. The focus of the two-day roundtable centered around international law as it relates to military operations in urban warfare through the lense of various significant conflicts and battles since World War II.


Israel’s Military Advocate General Terminates ‘Black Friday’ and Other Investigations: Initial Observations

A recent update from Israel’s Military Advocate General raises important questions about Israel’s view of the law of armed conflict and its responsibility to civilians in areas of conflict. 

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