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Foreign Policy Essay

Why a Minority Safe Haven in Iraq Won't Work

Editor's Note: The Middle East and Iraq and Syria in particular have long enjoyed religious diversity, with a range of Muslim and non-Muslim groups, including some of the world’s oldest Christian communities. The Syrian and Iraqi civil wars have proven devastating to this diversity, raising the policy question of how to protect those religious minorities that have not fled. One possibility being floated is a safe haven within Iraq itself. Gregory Kruczek, a Ph.D.

Foreign Policy Essay

Stalemate, Not Statehood, for Iraqi Kurdistan

Editor’s Note: The Kurds are the largest nation in the Middle East without a state of their own and their quest for more rights and at times independence has led to civil wars, unrest, and near-genocidal levels of killing. Iraq has often been the center of the Kurdish struggle, and the decline of the Iraqi state since 2003 – and the latest dysfunction manifest in its efforts to fight the Islamic State – seems to offer opportunities for Iraqi Kurds to carve out their own state. Denise Natali, an expert on the Kurds at the National Defense University, challenges this claim.


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