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The Cyberlaw Podcast

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #85: An Interview with General Michael Hayden

Want to see cyber attribution and deterrence in action? In August, a hacker pulled the names of US military personnel and others out of a corporate network and passed them to ISIL. British jihadist Junaid Hussain exulted when ISIL released the names. “They have us on their ‘hit list,’ and we have them on ours too…,” he tweeted. On the whole, I’d rather be on theirs.


DOJ’s “All-Tools” Approach to Cyber and National Security

Assistant Attorneys General John Carlin (National Security Division) and Leslie Caldwell (Criminal Division) spoke last week at Roger Williams’ Cybersecurity conference, outlining an innovative approach to detecting, disrupting, and deterring cyber threats. Caldwell and Carlin cited two recent moves: (1) the U.S.-China agreement to forego theft of intellectual property, and (2) the recent arrest in Malaysia of Ardit Ferizi, a Kosovar who had hacked into U.S.

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