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Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights

A Journalistic Query for Lawfare Readers

My friend and Brookings colleague Jonathan Rauch is working on a journalistic project, for which he is taking an interesting reporting approach: He's soliciting input from Lawfare readers. I've posted his query below and hope people have time to respond. Jonathan is a contributing editor of the Atlantic who writes thoughtful, high-impact articles; and the topic he's writing about—how to identify and defend liberal-democratic red-lines should the Trump Administration cross any—is certainly important.

Here's his query:

Rational Security

Rational Security: The "I'm Crazy, How are You?" Edition

The American political system has gone insane. The great Jonathan Rauch makes a guest appearance on the show to discuss his new Atlantic cover story on "How American Politics Went Insane" and what insane politics means for national security. Meanwhile, State Department officials protest President Obama’s decision not to bomb Syria. And the intelligence community lashes out at Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

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