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Donald Trump and John Bolton: A Volatile Mix

President Trump and his incoming national security adviser, John Bolton, make for an interesting and volatile mix of ideology, temperament, and ability. Unlike some Lawfare contributors, we don’t know Bolton, but we have reviewed many of his public writings and statements. Based in part on our own experience in government, including at the National Security Council, here is how we think about his upcoming tenure and the issues likely to arise after he takes office.

International Criminal Court (ICC)

The International Criminal Court and the Trump Administration

In a post earlier this week, David Bosco speculated how John Bolton’s appointment as national security adviser might affect the Trump administration’s reaction if the International Criminal Court opens an investigation into possible U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan and other countries.

Politics & National Security

The John Bolton I Knew

Most of the commentary about John Bolton's appointment as national security adviser has focused on his extreme policy views, especially with regard to military strikes against North Korea and Iran. I want instead to offer here a few firsthand thoughts about his formidable skills—which are what make him so dangerous. The Trump White House is something of a clown show, but Bolton is no clown.


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