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First Amendment

A Quick Analysis of Bolton’s Response to the Government’s Emergency Request for Prior Restraint

Bolton’s lawyers persuasively argue that the court lacks the authority to issue the requested injunction.  They also show why his non-disclosure agreements are narrower than the government portrays, and how irregular his pre-clearance review process was. 

First Amendment

Trump Administration Sues Bolton Over Book Publication

The Trump administration has filed a lawsuit against former National Security Advisor John Bolton over the publication of his upcoming book, "The Room Where it Happened," which is currently slated for June 23 and has already been shipped to stores. The government alleges that the book contains classified information and that Bolton has breached nondisclosure agreements with the government to submit to the prepublication review process by going ahead with publication.

International Criminal Court (ICC)

The Trump Administration Throws Down the Gauntlet to the ICC. The Court Should Decline The Challenge.

In his speech to the Federalist Society on Monday, national security adviser John Bolton fired a broadside at the International Criminal Court, which he called “ineffective,” “unaccountable,” “deeply flawed” and “outright dangerous.” He said the ICC unacceptably threatens American sovereignty and U.S. national-security interests. He criticized the ICC prosecutor’s request to start an investigation of U.S.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump and John Bolton: A Volatile Mix

President Trump and his incoming national security adviser, John Bolton, make for an interesting and volatile mix of ideology, temperament, and ability. Unlike some Lawfare contributors, we don’t know Bolton, but we have reviewed many of his public writings and statements. Based in part on our own experience in government, including at the National Security Council, here is how we think about his upcoming tenure and the issues likely to arise after he takes office.

International Criminal Court (ICC)

The International Criminal Court and the Trump Administration

In a post earlier this week, David Bosco speculated how John Bolton’s appointment as national security adviser might affect the Trump administration’s reaction if the International Criminal Court opens an investigation into possible U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan and other countries.

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