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James Comey’s Honest Loyalty: Leadership Ethics and the Role of Process

When James Comey became the FBI director, he set out to build what he terms in his new book the “government’s premier leadership factory.” The leaders he hoped to train successfully would be distinguished by, among other characteristics, their integrity, decency and their joy in the moral content and meaning of their work. He conveyed these expectations to his new employees, emphasizing that this was an ethical-leadership model that required a deeply personal commitment. So personal, in fact, that he issued a novel directive: “I order you to love somebody.

James Comey

No, Jim Comey Is Not In Legal Jeopardy

Fox News personality Gregg Jarrett is making some waves with a short piece making the remarkable claim that Jim Comey may have himself have broken the law with respect to his now-famous memo recording President Trump's request that he find a way to end the investigation of Mike Flynn. The piece appeared on Fox News Opinion yesterday, and this morning the folks at Fox & Friends gave it a hearty endorsement.

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James Comey Testifies In Front of House Oversight and Governance Reform Committee

FBI Director James Comey testified in front of the House Oversight and Governance Reform Committee for nearly five hours today. Under scathing and often incredulous questioning by House Republicans, Comey defended his public decision to recommend that no criminal charges be leveled against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server while she served as secretary of state.

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