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Going Dark

A Shoutout to Kenyon College

It's been a bad few years for the free exchange of ideas on campuses around the country. Barely a day goes by where we don't read some story about students at elite institutions trying to silence one another's, or faculty's or visitors', points of view. So I think it's worth noting publicly the model of student engagement on a serious, difficult, emotionally-laden issue on display last night at Kenyon College when FBI Director James Comey spoke at this institution in Ohio.

Going Dark

FBI Director James Comey Speaks at Kenyon College

Wednesday evening finds me at Kenyon College, at a conference on privacy, where I will speaking tomorrow on a combination of this paper and some work I have been doing recently on sexual extortion online. This evening, however, FBI Director James Comey gave a keynote address that turned into one of the best engagements I have seen on the subject of encryption.

The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast: Silent Circle's Mike Janke on Encryption, Going Dark, and Corporate Responsibility

Last week, Ben posted five hard questions to both government and industry regarding encryption and the "going dark" debate. For this week's Podcast, we posed these questions and more on the issues of technology, public policy and corporate responsibility to Mike Janke. He's the co-founder and current Chairman of Silent Circle, an international company that sells a platform of devices and services with privacy-by-design baked in.


Back Doors Won't Solve Comey's Going Dark Problem

At the Aspen Security Forum last week, FBI Director James Comey (and others) explicitly talked about the "going dark" problem, describing the specific scenario they are concerned about. Maybe others have heard the scenario before, but it was a first for me. It's centers around ISIL operatives abroad and ISIL-inspired terrorists here in the US.

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