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The Friendliest Lawsuit Ever Filed Against the FBI

Last month, I sued the Justice Department in what I described as perhaps the friendliest lawsuit ever filed against it. Yesterday, I filed an equally friendly suit—this time against the FBI. The purpose is the same: to show conclusively that President Trump and his White House staff are lying about career federal law enforcement officers, their actions, and their attitudes.

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The Rule of Law: Implications of the Comey Testimony and the Kasowitz Defense

Former FBI Director James Comey judged that the President lacked a basic integrity, and that he would have to document each of their conversations to protect himself and perhaps, too, to create a record for use in a future investigation. This was a striking and, of course, deeply disturbing conclusion, and the President and his lawyer have been quick to differ. But the moment that the FBI Director arrived at this conclusion, Mr.

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In Sharing Memos, Comey Did Nothing Wrong as a Former Official and Everything Right as a Whistleblower

The world has waited for Donald Trump’s response to yesterday’s stunning testimony from former FBI Director James Comey. Trump’s uncharacteristic restraint in holding back from tweeting yesterday apparently didn’t last long. This morning he wrote:

Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication...and WOW, Comey is a leaker!

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Those “Three Separate Occasions”: What Comey Might Really Have Told Trump

Last night, CNN ran a lengthy interview I did with Anderson Cooper, in which I made a bald statement. When Cooper asked me about President Trump’s claim that then-FBI Director James Comey had assured him three times that he was not “under investigation," I said: “I have no firsthand knowledge of that. I’ve never talked to [Comey] about it, but I would bet every dollar that I have that no such communication ever took place.

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No, Jim Comey Is Not In Legal Jeopardy

Fox News personality Gregg Jarrett is making some waves with a short piece making the remarkable claim that Jim Comey may have himself have broken the law with respect to his now-famous memo recording President Trump's request that he find a way to end the investigation of Mike Flynn. The piece appeared on Fox News Opinion yesterday, and this morning the folks at Fox & Friends gave it a hearty endorsement.

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The Attorney General’s Role in the Clinton Email Mess

Over the last 48 hours, a parade of former senior Justice Department officials of both parties have written op-eds or given interviews slamming FBI Director James Comey for his action last week on the Clinton email matter. Former Attorney General Eric Holder writes this morning in the Washington Post that Comey’s “decision was incorrect.

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