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The Russia Connection

What They've Said About Russian Election Interference

We made a little video.

No commentary. No opinions. No nothing—except recent senior intelligence and administration officials answering questions about what they believe about the Russian election interference.

The senior intelligence all spoke at last week's Aspen Security Forum. The full videos of their remarks are available here. The other snippets are taken from, well, elsewhere.

As the Romans might say, res ipsa loquitur.


Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing On Worldwide Threats

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and DIA Director Lt. General Vincent Stewart will provide an overview of the intelligence community's Worldwide Threat Assessment before the Senate Armed Services Committee this morning.

DNI James Clapper’s statement for the record, including the Worldwide Threat Assessment, may be found here; Lt. General Stewart’s assessment may be found here.

Secrecy & Leaks

Transparency in the Intelligence Community

Editors Note: This article was cross-posted with the Federalist Society

On Tuesday, Director of National Intelligence Clapper announced a plan to implement a new set of transparency principles for the Intelligence Community. This is the latest in a series of Intelligence Community initiatives to disclose more information about how the agencies do business.

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