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Iran sanctions

It’s That Time Again: Is Trump Headed for Another Iran Deal Certification Crisis?

The public has focused on the current wave of protests in Iran and how it might embolden President Donald Trump to fulfill his promise to walk away from the Iran nuclear agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). While disparaging the JCPOA and lambasting the Iranian regime, Trump’s recent tweets did not announce any concrete plans to withdraw from the agreement. But the fate of the JCPOA will soon be determined.


Why Turkey Cares about the Trial of Reza Zarrab

In recent weeks, there has been increasing American interest in a previously little-watched judicial saga unfolding in New York district court. Like a Turkish soap opera, it involves a dashing businessman with a pop-star wife, corruption allegations, leaked tapes of private conversations and intrigue at the highest levels of government. The trial of Reza Zarrab on charges of evading Iran sanctions, including any revelations he makes about corruption in the Turkish government, could have significant political and economic implications for Turkey.

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