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Russia’s Latest Plan for Syria, Yemen Coalition Tearing Itself Apart, Economy and Syria on Agenda in Iran’s Election

Russia proposes “de-escalation zones” to reduce fighting in Syria, the UAE and Yemeni governments are feuding within the Saudi-led coalition to fight the Houthis, and Iran’s election highlights criticisms of the intervention in Syria.

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U.S. Sanctions Iran after Missile Test, U.S. Escalating Fight in Yemen, and Israel Clears One Settlement But Promises More

Iran conducts missile tests and gets slapped with new sanctions, the United States is looking at options for escalation in Yemen, and Israel evacuates the Amona settlement in the West Bank.

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Iran, Sanctions, and the Illusion of a Better Bargain

Even the most vehement critics of the Obama administration’s agreement curbing Iran’s nuclear capabilities, among them Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Senator Tom Cotton, no longer advance the military option for eliminating Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.  Instead, they argue that a better bargain could have been negotiated, if the Obama administration had not “given away” the leverage awarded by comprehensive economic sanctions.  Given Iran’s economic disarray, maintenance or tighteni

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