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The New UNSCR on Iran: Does it Bind the United States (and future Presidents)?

Colum Lynch and John Hudson have an article in Foreign Policy provocatively entitled “Obama Turns to U.N. to Outmaneuver Congress” in which they suggest that the new U.N. Security Council Resolution likely to be adopted next week will tie the hands of future Presidents and that the United States would violate the Resolution if Congress votes down the Iran nuclear deal.


The Complicated Politics of the Iran Review Act (And Why I Think They Cut In Favor of the Act)

When critics of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act are confronted with the fact that the Act delays the President's ability to implement U.S. sanctions relief under the Iran Deal for 60 days, they sometimes switch to arguments about why the politics of the Review Act are nonetheless bad.


Iran’s Parliament has Just Voted to Ban Inspectors from Military Sites. American Negotiators Better Develop Some Spine.

On Sunday, an overwhelming majority of the Iranian parliament, the Majlis, voted to ban access by IAEA inspectors to all military sites, documents and scientists. As one might imagine, that sort of access is crucial for understanding the nature and lawfulness of Iran’s program.

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