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Taking Stock of the Snoopers' Charter: The U.K.’s Investigatory Powers Bill

The United Kingdom is considering its largest overhaul of laws governing electronic surveillance in 15 years. On March 1, the U.K. Home Secretary, Theresa May, introduced the Investigatory Powers Bill, a detailed and technical 245-page bill that proposes to update and consolidate the United Kingdom’s surveillance authorities for the intelligence and security services, as well as law enforcement.


Apple, Facebook, and Others Weigh In on UK Investigatory Powers Bill

The UK Joint Committee on the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill has released written evidence submissions on the legislation. A number of US companies—including Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft—and policy groups submitted statements, along with various European stakeholders and private individuals. These briefs offer insight into the authors' respective views on mass surveillance, business equities, and privacy.

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