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Cybersecurity at the UN: Another Year, Another GGE

This week, the UN General Assembly considered a resolution mandating the creation of a Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) for 2016-2017. The GGE will study existing and potential threats in the sphere of information security, as well as possible cooperative measures to address them. The resolution has already been approved in the First Committee, the General Assembly’s specialized committee dealing with international security and disarmament issues.

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Governance and Security Sector Assistance: The Missing Link—Part II

Editor's Note: Last week we looked at how the lack of attention to governance has hindered effective U.S. security sector assistance. This week Gordon Adams of American University and Richard Sokolsky of Carnegie take their arguments one step further. First they go into some depth on current U.S. programs and then they offer a new paradigm for assistance that incorporates governance more systematically and offers ideas for how to change U.S. assistance programs.

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