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Water Wars: In the South China Sea, Beijing Faces Twin Threats of New U.S. Military Presence and Pushback from an Old Friend

China suffered two major setbacks in the South China Sea this week. First, sparks flew between the PRC and Indonesia when the bungled seizure of a Chinese fishing vessel in Indonesian waters almost led to a direct conflict. Later in the week, the United States and the Philippines announce a new decade-long pact that will allow American troops to rotate between five PH bases, many close to PRC installations in the South China Sea.

South China Sea

Indonesia Hints at South China Sea Litigation

Could we be witnessing a legal cascade in the South China Sea? Most states with claims have thus far eschewed formal legal challenges to China, but that could be changing. In the wake of the Philippines' legal victory against China (if only on jurisdictional questions), Indonesia's security chief has suggested that his country might also challenge Chinese claims.

Water Wars

Water Wars: Mr. Xi Comes to America

Welcome to the first edition of Water Wars, our new weekly roundup of the latest news, analysis, and opinions related to ongoing tensions in the South and East China Seas. Each Friday, we’ll provide an overview of what you need to know to stay current on the rapidly-evolving security situation in the Asian Pacific. If you are aware of relevant news, developments, or documents, please email Zack Bluestone.

Mr. Xi Comes to America


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