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Can India Help the United States Against China?

Editor’s Note: As the United States struggles to contain a rising China—a top priority under any administration—many strategists look to India. They hope that close U.S. relations with New Delhi and India's own military strength will be an important pillar of regional containment. Oriana Mastro, my colleague at Georgetown, warns that relying on India will be harder than it seems and that the United States will need to move carefully to extract maximum strategic benefit.

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Water Wars

Water Wars: China Crashes the Party at the Rim of the Pacific Exercises

The 26th biennial Rim of the Pacific naval military exercises, the largest international maritime exercises in the world, kicked off in and around Hawaii on June 27 with one participant notably absent. The U.S. military chose to disinvite China this year due to its “continued militarization of disputed features in the South China Sea,” Pentagon spokesman Marine Lt. Col.

Foreign Policy Essay

Why Countries Should Welcome, Not Fear, Foreign Funding of NGOs

Editor’s Note: When foreigners give money to political organizations, both the donor and the recipient often become suspect. Governments around the world that fear criticism, oppose human rights, or otherwise reject the agendas of these groups are increasingly trying to ban foreign backing of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Ron Krebs and James Ron of the University of Minnesota argue that such bans are a mistake. They contend that foreign funding of NGOs should be encouraged in parts of the world where domestic support for such groups is lacking.


India’s Counterinsurgency Campaigns Are Missing the Warning Signs

Editor’s Note: Insurgencies have plagued India throughout its modern history, and several remain active today. Until recently, it seemed that the Indian government was making progress, however fitfully, in reducing the scope and scale of the violence. Sarah Watson of CSIS argues that today Modi's government is dropping the ball. After significant gains, India's counterinsurgency campaigns are stalling, and the government appears unable to either conciliate or coerce effectively.



Where Are US-India Cyber Relations Headed?

The US-India cyber relationship is as much a marker of global governance of common digital spaces as it is about core bilateral economic and security engagements. In 2015, India signaled its willingness to accept rules of the road as set forth by the United States by making an unqualified endorsement of “multi-stakeholder” internet governance.


Cyber (In)security in India

In the week leading up to the India’s 67th Republic Day on January 26, 2016, the National Investigation Agency apprehended 14 Islamic State “sympathisers” who had planned to carry out coordinated attacks. Although the men were arrested from six cities in different parts of the country, a common thread emerged: a single handler had been coordinating their activities over Whatsapp.

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