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Executive Power

The Travel Ban Decision and the Ghost of Korematsu

When the Supreme Court handed down its decision on the third iteration of President Trump’s travel ban, the morning unfolded largely as anticipated: By a 5-4 vote, the justices upheld the president’s proclamation on relatively narrow statutory grounds and chose to ignore his many expressions of hatred toward Muslims and Islam. There was a sharp dissent—in this case, by Justice Sonia Sotomayor. And there was, of course, a presidential tweet.

Travel Ban

The Easy Way Forward on Trump v. Hawaii

This morning, I attended oral arguments in Trump v. Hawaii. The only surprise (and a pleasant one at that) was that Lin-Manuel Miranda—the creator of the Broadway smash hit Hamilton—was kind enough to sign my pocket Constitution. (If I had a copy of my pleading in the emoluments clause litigation, I would have asked him to sign that instead.)

Travel Ban

Ninth Circuit Protects Refugees with Assurances of Sponsorship

The Ninth Circuit held in a per curiam order on Thursday (summarized here) that, pending a definitive adjudication on the merits, refugees abroad with sponsorship assurances from U.S. resettlement agencies were not covered by President Trump’s revised executive order (EO) on refugees and could enter the U.S. in the normal course of refugee resettlement.

Travel Ban

Refugee EO: Hawaii’s Response to the Government’s Request for a Stay

Yesterday, Hawaii posted a response to the government’s request to the Supreme Court to stay Hawaii District Court Judge Derrick Watson’s injunction regarding President Trump’s Refugee Executive Order (EO). The response argues that Judge Watson was right to hold that the Supreme Court’s “bona fide relationship” standard included U.S.

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