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The National Security Law Podcast: Episode 7

We are happy to report that Episode 7 of the National Security Law Podcast ("The Less Prep the Better") has just gone live.  In about 42 minutes, we discuss:

- the Trump allegation about being wiretapped

- the Trump allegation about GTMO recidivism (and the Spicer follow-up about just when judges got involved in ordering GTMO releases)

- the Vault7/Wikileaks mess

Case Coverage: 9/11 Case

2/23 Session: The "Touhy" Edition

This case's focus shifted to AE 386, the primary concern being how Touhy applies. First, does the CIA Touhy regulation exceed congressional delegation of power under 5 USC §301? Second, does the CIA Touhy regulation even govern the military commission process? And third, does the CIA Touhy regulation impose an unconstitutionally nonreciprocal burden on the defense?

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