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“No Ordinary Pakistani”: The Intertwined Stories of Saifullah and Uzair Paracha

As Guantanamo inches toward closure, the story of Saifullah Paracha and his son Uzair tells us much about the contradictions of U.S. policy during the global war on terror. Their intertwined stories undercut the notion that Guantanamo was or ever could be a legal system separate and apart from the federal courts.

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Gul v. Biden: Habeas Corpus and the Associated Force Doctrine in Guantanamo Bay Litigation

Judge Mehta’s 2021 decision granting Guantanamo Bay detainee Asadullah Haroon Gul’s writ of habeas corpus defines what the government must show to prove that a member of a former “associated force” should also be considered a part of al-Qaeda.

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