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The EU-Turkey Deal: Expediency Trumps the EU’s Higher Calling

The deal between the EU and Turkey to manage the flow of refugees from Syria, made public at the end of the European Council meeting on March 18, has big potential benefits for both the EU and Turkey. But it has big costs as well. If successful, it will stem the tide of refugees, help prevent the collapse of the Greek state, allow the EU to start healing its own wounds and prepare the ground for a more orderly placement and distribution of the refugees.

Syria Displaced

Dispatch #4: Don’t Forget the Men

ISTANBUL, Turkey/BEIRUT, Lebanon —An ironing board stands in the corner of the room, behind a television set showing Spiderman with Arabic subtitles. A 17-year-old Syrian smokes shisha on the couch in his undershirt and socks; his next coal glows on the stove. Another young man meticulously wipes down the kitchen counter and places dishes on the drying rack with care.

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