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What Are the Implications of Emerging Technologies in AI-Driven Robotics and Automation for Globalization?

Last month I attended an outstanding workshop at the University of Pennsylvania’s newly-established Perry World House on a topic that (as far as I can tell) has not received the attention it should: the intersection of emerging technologies with globalization.


Russia and China to Sign Joint Declaration on Principles of International Law

According to a statement issued today by the Russian Foreign Ministry (thanks to the OUP International Law Blog for flagging it), during the upcoming June 25, 2016 state visit of the Russian president to China, the "foreign ministers of both countries are planning to sign a declaration on increasing the role of international law." It will (according to Tass' report) set out a

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The International Criminal Court and Power Politics

The recent appearance on Lawfare of my American University colleague David Bosco (in the roundtable on US Navy operations in the South China Sea) prompts His Serenity to fix his lapse in failing to mark Bosco's outstanding 2014 book, Rough Justice: The International Criminal Court in a World of Power Politics (Oxford UP 201

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