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What Are the Implications of Emerging Technologies in AI-Driven Robotics and Automation for Globalization?

Comments from a panel at a recent workshop at the University of Pennsylvania's brand-new Perry World House on the intersection of emerging technologies and globalization. Do emerging AI-enabled robotics and automation technologies drive globalization forward in the ways that communications technologies such as cyber and internet technologies have done for the past quarter-century? Or might robotics and automation have different effects?

The Next Secretary-General and the International Political Environment That Awaits Him

Kofi Annan was the "rock star" of Secretary-Generals in the golden age of liberal international idealism about global governance; Ban Ki-Moon's "diplomat's diplomat" tenure as Secretary-General has unfolded amidst the re-emergence of sovereign rivalries and Great Power competition; and what international political environment awaits the new Secretary-General, who seems likely to be Portugal's Antonio Guterres? UPDATE: Link added re election of Antonio Guterres in the General Assembly by acclamation.

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