Freedom of Navigation Operation (FONOP)

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South China Sea

The Latest US Freedom of Navigation Operation Opens the Legal Door to More Aggressive US Challenges to China’s Artificial Islands

The USS Decatur's FONOP in the South China Sea last week openly and decisively rejected a Chinese claim of maritime sovereignty near the Paracel Islands, thereby opening the legal door to a more aggressive US challenge to China’s island-building in the South China Sea.

South China Sea

China’s Harassment of Civilian Ships and Aircraft in the South China Sea Reminds Us Why We Need More U.S. Freedom of Navigation Operations

If it is true that China is now impeding civilian freedom of navigation, the U.S. case for conducting more freedom of navigation operations in the region is even stronger. 

South China Sea

The US Navy’s “Innocent Passage” In the South China Sea May Have Actually Strengthened China’s Sketchy Territorial Claims

The US Navy conducted the weakest type of FONOP it could have chosen, limiting the operation to innocent passage, and potentially strengthening China’s sketchy territorial claims in the region.

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