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Fourth Amendment

Did the Special Counsel's Access to the Transition's Emails Violate the Fourth Amendment?

There has been a lot of buzz the past couple of days about claims by Kory Langhofer, counsel for Trump for America, that Robert Mueller's investigators wrongfully obtained copies of the presidential transition team's emails. One of the claims in Langhofer's letter is that the access violated the Fourth Amendment. I haven't seen a substantial legal analysis of this issue yet, so I thought I would try one.

Privacy Paradox

The Tell-Tale Heart

The Internet of Things is a marvel. Cars, medical devices, homes, refrigerators—all of them now come with silicon chips and data collection, analysis and sharing capabilities. For the most part the enhancements in efficiency, connectivity and cost-reduction make the use of IoT a no-brainer. But lurking in the background are a host of unaddressed issues of cybersecurity, civil liberties, transparency, accountability, and privacy. Today's story of the Tell-Tale Heart lies at the intersection of technology, privacy and criminal law.

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