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The January 6 Project

The Dry Run: The Ouster of a County Official as an ‘Insurrectionist’ Creates Ominous Precedents for Trump

Though other courts have referred to the Capitol riot in passing as an “insurrection,” Judge Francis Mathew is the first to apply that term to the riot in a formal, rigorous way in a case against a New Mexico county official, Couy Griffin.

Donald Trump

The White House Counsel and the Pending Birthright Citizenship Executive Order

Former White House Counsel Donald McGahn had his work cut out for him as legal adviser to this particular president, and his successor, Pat A. Cipollone, cannot expect an easier time. Among the looming challenges: whatever comes of special counsel Mueller’s investigation and, if the Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives, the potential institution of impeachment proceedings.

Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights

The National Security Dimension of Birthright Citizenship

The hottest flash point at the moment in this summer’s immigration debate is birthright citizenship. Should children born in this country to non-citizen parents be nevertheless entitled to citizenship? As President, Donald Trump has promised to end this feature of the immigration laws as a hallmark of his anti-immigration policy. Most of the Republican primary candidates have fallen in line behind him.

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