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The Facial Recognition Act: A Promising Path to Put Guardrails on a Dangerously Unregulated Surveillance Technology

There’s consensus in Congress that facial recognition needs to be reined in, but not nearly enough action to bring about effective rules. A new bill could jump-start the debate and move the nation toward the comprehensive set of limits that are needed.

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Livestream: House Committee on Oversight and Reform Hears Testimony on Facial Recognition Technology

On Jan. 15 at 10:00 a.m., the House Committee on Oversight and Reform will hold a hearing titled “Facial Recognition Technology (Part III): Ensuring Commercial Transparency & Accuracy.” The Committee will hear testimony from Brenda Leong, Senior Counsel and Director of AI and Ethics at the Future of Privacy Forum; Dr.

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'One Nation Under CCTV': The U.K. Tackles Facial Recognition Technology

“Artificial Intelligence Could Soon Enhance Real-Time Police Surveillance” reads a recent Wall Street Journal headline. Technology companies are working with U.S. police departments to develop facial recognition technology for body cameras—but the United States isn’t alone in its exploration and development of facial recognition technology.

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