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The Unintended Irony of the Trump Immigration EO

The President's new Executive Order on immigration has caused significant confusion at the nation's borders -- and that is an understatement. One of the most controversial and most confusing aspects of the order has been the question of whether or not the restrictions apply to green card holders -- that is individuals who are lawful permanent residents of the United States, but who remain citizens of one of the seven countries identified in the order as subject to new restrictions.


Why Trump’s Policies Will Increase Terrorism—and Why Trump Might Benefit as a Result

President Trump’s Executive Order severely restricting visa-holders and refugees’ freedom to enter the United States is not only immoral and un-American—it’s also likely to fail on its own terms and lead to an increase in terrorist attacks against Americans. Yet if terrorism does increase, support for Trump and for harsh and self-defeating policies are likely to grow.


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