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U.S. Commitment to the Privacy Shield Remains Strong

My friend Cam Kerry, in a recent Lawfare post expressed concern that actions of the Trump Administration are undermining the Privacy Shield, the important agreement between the United States and the European Union that permits transatlantic data flows. Kerry fears that “the damage the president and his administration have done to relationships with Europe and perceptions of the United States as a trusted partner” will make it hard to sustain the Privacy Shield.

Cross-Border Data

Trump Puts U.S.-EU Privacy Shield At Risk

The U.S.-EU Privacy Shield framework, the agreement between the U.S. government and the European Commission that enables continued flows of commercial data from Europe to the United States, is undergoing its first annual review by the Commission and other European institutions. A report on their review is due in September. In the longer term, the Privacy Shield faces potential legal challenges in the Court of Justice of the European Union. [Disclosure: I have advised legal clients on the Privacy Shield and legal challenges.]

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