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The Ukraine Connection

Clarifying the Scope of the Legal Profession’s Ethical Responsibilities: A Response to John Bies

John Bies’s Sept. 30 post (“Giuliani Cannot Rely on Attorney-Client Privilege to Avoid Congressional Testimony”) is informative but doesn’t quite explain the full scope of a lawyer’s confidentiality responsibilities, nor does it address the implications of Congress compelling an attorney to breach them.

Secrecy: FOIA

Someone at the Justice Department Wants Ethics Advice on Whitaker’s Supervision of the Mueller Investigation

Yesterday evening, we received a response to one of our FOIA requests asking whether anyone has sought or received internal ethics guidance on Whitaker’s involvement in the Mueller investigation.


Has Whitaker Sought Ethics Advice on His Involvement with the Mueller Investigation? Inquiring Minds Want to Know

We’re using FOIA to find out whether the acting attorney general has consulted with career ethics experts on his involvement with the Mueller investigation. If not, that could be a major red flag.

Donald Trump

The Political Defense—and Ethics—of Donald Trump

President Trump has given his reasons why he does not worry, nor should we, about Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting with Russians. He has not long been in politics, Mr. Trump says, but he knows it’s not a “nice” business. Anyone in that line of work would have taken the meeting and reviewed the information tendered—just “standard opposition research”—on the Hillary Clinton.

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