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e-Residency in Estonia, Part IV: Wherein I Imagine How the Estonian Digital ID Card Could be Useful

I have a confession to make: Since I used my Estonian digital ID card to swap letters with President Toomas Ilves, I have barely touched it. I keep it in my wallet, prepared to prove my identity at a moment’s notice to anyone online who demands proof that I really am Benjamin Wittes. I am ready, desperate even, to digitally sign things. I am eager to swap encrypted, signed documents with anyone who has important business to transact with me.

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e-Residency in Estonia, Part III: Wherein I Use My New Digital Identity Card to Swap Letters with the President

The other day, I received a letter from Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves. It came in the form of an unadorned Microsoft Word file called "wittes.docx." It did not bear President Ilves's John Hancock. Nor was it on the letterhead of the office of the Estonian Presidency.


Estonian Digital Residency Update IV: The President Weighs in on "Going Dark"

The FBI v. Apple flap exploded on the public scene just as I was learning my way around my new Estonian e-Residency card, which promises—among other things—secure communications between card holders. I am currently working on the next piece in my series about Estonian e-Residency, so more on the card later.

Russia and Eastern Europe

e-Residency in Estonia, Part II: Wherein I Visit the Estonian Embassy, Collect my Digital Identity Card, and Interview Kristjan Kuurme

I know that many Lawfare readers have been waiting with bated breath—the suspense unbearable—to find out what happens next in my quest for Estonian digital residency.


e-Residency in Estonia, Part I: Wherein I Apply to Digitally Betray My Country

This week, I had the pleasure of hosting the third Hoover Book Soiree, which featured Edward Lucas of the Economist talking about his new book, Cyberphobia: Identity, Trust, Security, and the Internet. (We will podcast the discussion next week.) As a general matter, Lucas paints a bleak picture of our cybersecurity landscape, but he holds out one nation as an exception we all should emulate: the tiny Baltic country of Estonia.

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