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Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #92: An Interview with Ellen Nakashima and Tony Cole

Did China’s PLA really stop hacking US companies for commercial secrets? And does it matter? In episode 92, we ask those questions and more of two experts on the topic ‒ Washington Post reporter Ellen Nakashima, and Tony Cole, who has fought off his share of PLA hackers.


Maybe Those Chinese Cyber Espionage Indictments Weren't So Dumb

A few weeks ago, I took note of the comments of China-cybersecurity expert James Lewis to the effect that those much-derided US indictments of PLA hackers had actually had a big impact of Chinese cyber-spying. At the time, I described Lewis's comments as offering a "far more optimistic analysis of what the administration has been able to accomplish than I had previously entertained."

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