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Foreign Policy Essay

Managing and Mitigating Foreign Election Interference

Editor’s Note: With the exception of the president of the United States, we all know that Russia and other powers have run amok in their attempts to influence U.S. elections and those of other democracies around the world. Learning the scope of the problem, however, has proved difficult. In a groundbreaking study, Arya Goel, Diego Martin and Jacob Shapiro, all of Princeton University, find that more than 20 countries have been targeted. Russia (no surprise) is by far the most active, but Iran, China and Saudi Arabia all are joining the fray.


‘Securing the Vote’: A Report From the National Academies of Sciences

With so much happening in the world it is easy to miss when American institutions continue to go about their business for the people and do good work. A case in point involves a report issued last week by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine entitled “Securing the Vote: Protecting American Democracy.” This elegant study focuses on the science of election security—without partisan bluster and without political preconceptions.

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