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Egypt Is Cracking Down on NGOs When It Needs Them Most

Egypt has never been a welcoming place for civil society groups, but the past several years have seen an unrelenting crackdown on non-governmental organizations. It began with the infamous December 2011 raids on foreign democracy-building organizations and has endured through successive regimes. And yesterday, Egypt once again upped the ante.


The Egyptian NGO Law Locking up Americans and Closing Down a Once-Vibrant Civil Society

An Egyptian-American has been in pretrial detention in Egypt for more than 900 days—for helping street children. What is strange about Aya Hijazi's case is that she meets none of the obvious criteria for the typical victims of the Egyptian government’s crackdown on its own civil society.

Foreign Policy Essay

The Islamic State Archipelago

The Islamic State opened up a new front when it downed a Russian passenger plane in October over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. U.S. and allied attention understandably focuses on the terrorism threat posed by the Islamic State (also known as ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh) to their own homelands or on the carnage in Syria, now estimated to have consumed almost 500,000 lives.

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