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Refugee EO Stay: Ninth Circuit Dismisses Hawaii’s Appeal But Draws a Roadmap for Future Litigation

Acting quickly, the Ninth Circuit on Friday dismissed Hawaii’s appeal of Hawaii District Judge Derrick Watson’s denial of the state’s motion to clarify the Supreme Court’s stay regarding President Trump’s revised refugee Executive Order (EO).

Travel Ban

Hawaii Judge Watson Declines to Clarify Scope of Preliminary Injunction on Executive Order 13,780

Late last night, Judge Derrick Watson of the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii denied Hawaii’s motion for clarification of the scope of the court’s preliminary injunction in the challenge to President Trump’s revised refugee Executive Order (EO).

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Enjoining the Revised Refugee EO: The Hawaii District Court “Waters Down” the Separation of Powers

On Wednesday, Hawaii U.S. District Judge Derrick K. Watson converted his March 15, 2017 temporary restraining order enjoining two sections of President Trump's Revised Refugee Executive Order into a preliminary injunction that halted President Trump’s Revised Refugee Executive Order (EO) in its entirety.

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